Hardware and decorative products

Mission (what):

Supply as a wholesaler all specialized hardware needed in the field of woodworking, kitchen cabinets and all other related fields
To provide all the knowledge and expertise that is required.
To know and to fulfill our clients needs.
To advise on the requests

Vision (where to):

Create, stimulate, provoke our team’s knowledge, to create the reflex for our client to buy at Rocheleau and consider him as a regular supplier.

Values (how):

Societies have values for guidelines as well as conduct reference to help us choose between the non-essentials and the needed, the frivolous and the absolute.
We chose the following:
Integrity, loyalty:
the dictionary defines them as firm adherence to a code or to moral value. In our business it would take the form of honesty and sincerity toward our colleagues,from respecting company’s propriety  (material or time wise).In a word our credibility is based on our doing and is reflected in the quality of our work, taking responsibility in our mistakes and lending a hand to fix theirs, always follow up on issues especially when passing it over.
Team spirit:
To privilege the good of other before the great of one, combining our forces by choosing solidarity over  individualism.
Overachieving: the ability to go further and beyond what was expected, to increase our efficiency and ability. From the business point of view, it is also the chance to diversify our knowledge by taking on new responsibilities and challenge and continually learning.
Belonging :
the sense of comfort toward our surrounds and colleagues, resulting in a higher self-esteem when working to the good of others.
By means of consistency, these values have to be more than a cold statement. We wish that they could be a management principal in all decision big or small for the individual as well as the business. Ideally each action, for it to validate, could filter thought the previous  statements, our wok ethics, among colleague and personal  as well as professional behavior.