mirror Plus bedroom

Why choose our mirror?

Wild, classic and effortless, Mirror Plus decorative panels are the most requested unbreakable panels on the market. This surface features are perfect planarity, unique design, easy maintenance and installation, incredible design colors, all this to allow you to create a unique interior design in your home and public spaces !

Résistance Leger
Super resistant

This special surface is made of unbreakable acrylic mirror, perfect for public projects.


Mirror Plus panel is extremely lightweight compared to real mirror, easy to carry and handle during unloading, processing and application.

qualité facile
Optical quality

Mirror Plus panel is especially renowned for the peculiar treatment of the 2 or 3 mm thickness sheet which has great optical properties.

Easy to install

Being so lightweight and resistant, Mirror Plus panel is easily handleable for any application , wall, furniture, fitting and much more.

Décoration Bathroom Closet

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