Linea Drawer

linea top view Linea side view

Rocheleau's Linea ultra-thin-walled drawer system is the pinnacle of minimalist design and storage space savings. With a side thickness of only 1.2 mm, it is the thinnest drawer available on the market today. Offered in 3 different heights, it also comes in 2 colors, matte white and anthracite, which fits perfectly with any style of kitchen, bathroom, or other room.

The Linea drawer can be combined with Rocheleau's S32 slides with integrated dampers or touch-to-open to make it a quality drawer combining robustness and smooth movement. Its 3-dimensional adjustments ensure precise positioning of the facades. The addition of the rear aluminum profile (optional) will give it an even more united and elegant look.

Four heights available

Linea89mm Linea127mm
89 mm 127 mm
Linea157mm Linea194mm
157 mm 194 mm

Advantageous features

Lineaattach LineaRegle
Quick assembly thanks to the front fixing brackets integrated into the drawer sides Three-dimensional adjustment: width, height, and depth
LineaOptimal Lineaface
Optimal use of available space 90-degree interior faces

Assembly video