All items sold by Paul Rocheleau inc. are chosen with care and guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for a period of time determined by each of our suppliers. For more details, ask the sales department. We will provide you with warranty information for our various products. Our warranty covers free replacement or credit on warranty items only. It excludes the costs of installation and delivery of these products.

The warranty applies only to the original owner of the product and is not transferable.

We assume no responsibility for any costs incurred or any damage resulting from the work performed. Paul Rocheleau inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage, incidental or indirect.

No other warranty, explicit or implicit, applies.


Warranty Period :

Rocheleau knobs and pulls are warranted for two years upon receipt of the initial order. Replacement orders do not constitute a new order and therefore do not extend the warranty period. 

Warranty Terms and Conditions :

  1. The warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as damage to the product during delivery from Rocheleau to its customer. 
  2. The warranty does not cover wear (chips / nicks / scratches) due to product use.
  3. The warranty covers defects in the finish for two years, beginning on the date of reception. 
  4. This warranty covers deterioration of the finish only if the deterioration is due to a manufacturing defect and only if the product does not meet Rocheleau’s quality standards. A minor difference in colour between the product sample and the final delivered product is not a valid reason for replacement under the warranty. Should such a colour difference occur, the replacement policy in effect shall apply. 
  5. The warranty does not cover knobs and pulls that have been overexposed to potentially damaging elements, and/or exposed during cleaning to any products other than those recommended. 
  6. The warranty does not apply to defects related to the product’s installation.  
  7. Rocheleau reserves the right to examine any request for replacement to determine whether the installation, use and maintenance recommendations have been followed. 

Maintenance and Cleaning of Rocheleau Handles and Pulls :

To preserve their appearance and the durability of the finish, Rocheleau handles and pulls should be cleaned on a regular basis. 

Splattered substances (water, oil, etc.) should be immediately removed from knobs and pulls to prevent possible chemical reactions that could alter or deteriorate the finish. 

Rocheleau knobs and pulls must be cleaned with a soft dry cloth free of any imperfections that might damage the product. If needed, the cloth may be slightly dampened with a neutral cleaner. Gently rub the knobs and pulls with the damp cloth. 

For all questions, please contact Rocheleau customer service at sales@rocheleau.ca or (819) 758-7525.