BaxBin 24-460

The pull-out MaxBin

The MaxBin is a high quality waste management system made from impact resistant polystyrene and galvanized steel for high durability. Its synchronized, soft-close slides with a 100 lbs (45 kg) load capacity allow a fluid and virtually resistance-free movement.

MaxBin blanc

Versatile and chic

The MaxBin is door-mounted and fixed on the cabinets’ sides, with adjustment in depth, width and inclination, or tilt. Offered in 3 different widths and with 3 different bin sizes, the MaxBin elevates your waste management system from a standard garbage can to a whole new level of luxury design.

A unique feature

The MaxBin also possess a unique feature that distinguishes it from the competition: an integrated sliding lid fitted with an anti-slip mat. Fixed on ball bearing slides, it offers and additional storage space easily accessible, useful for garbage and compost bags, as well as cleaning products.

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