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Custom made Float

Float is a fully modular aluminum system that easily creates unique and multifunctional shelving structures and furniture inserts. Designed for both residential and commercial needs, this open concept storage has multiple applications and responds to the growing popularity of custom designs.

This type of structure stands out for its great versatility and lets everyone's imagination flow freely to create original designs. The multiple elements can be assembled in several ways to create different structure types. Besides floating shelves, it is possible to make floor applications such as for furniture, coffee tables or towel racks.


Float tablet

Regardless of the shelf choice, various supports are available to meet all types of needs.

The diverse profiles and supports allow direct and simple integration of wooden or glass shelves for a minimalist design.

Available in matte black, this trendy open space storage can match or complement any color and / or material palette. By combining them, you will obtain harmonized storage spaces and a more than elegant decor.

Custom online configuration service

Our brand new online configurator allows you to have a more personalized service, while saving you time and money. With the help of our dedicated team, we support you every step of the way.

Float configurator Float design float measure
Open your web access and locate the Float configurator Select the design of the desired structure Configure each dimension as you see fit
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We build your custom storage with the best quality We ship within 10 working days Assemble and install everything using the guide

Float decoration Float kitchen

Photo credit: Photographie Atypique

« The Float system allowed us to design a shelf that perfectly met our needs, when we couldn't find anything in other stores that matched the dimensions we were looking for. Its aluminum structure perfectly recreates the sought-after look of steel, but without its heaviness and high costs. We have integrated wooden shelves into the structure for a trendy look. We love our shelving unit which, besides being pretty, is unique and practical! »
- Azélie Pilon, Co-founder of La Pièce

Add Float to your design today and give your customers the opportunity to combine the best open space storage with the most original designs.

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