Industrial vs. European: update on the latest trends

When thinking about redesigning their kitchen, many people consult magazines and surf the web to get inspired by specific trends. For 2018, two design trends appear more than ever: Industrial and European. But what is the difference?  To help you make an informed choice, here is an overview of each one.




If there is one word to describe the industrial trend, it would be the word “crude” because we deal with several crude materials, such as barn wood, concrete and steel.


In an industrial design, it is not uncommon to see exposed ceiling structures, such as piping.  To feel the crude side of things, we count on the apparent imperfections of the structures. For lighting, we favor suspended fixtures with a more robust look. In short, the industrial trend moves away from any pretense, as if there was no intentional “search” of style, which, of course, is exactly the opposite!





A European kitchen design is more streamlined and bright. There is often an abundance of windows, and most of the storage space is located under the countertops. The “decorative” aspect is more dominant than in the industrial trend. The handles are more “chic,” and refer more to finished products rather than crude structures. To sum up, everything flows and breathes and has its place.



The traditional kitchen tends to lose its place to new and inspiring trends. It is with this desire to innovate that we offer you leading edge and redesigned products. To discover what’s new, consult our catalogue!