Acrylic solid surface 033A - Snow White 135" x 30"

Acrylic solid surface 033A - Snow White 135" x 30"

Meganite is a composition of ATH (alumina trihydrate), acrylic resin and pigments. It is a material offering a wide range of application possible; residential, commercial, industrial, institutionnal, health.

The Movement series is inspired by luxurious natural stones which can be applied in a wide range of intensive industry applications including healthcare, food service, education, and more. Ultimately, the seamless duplication of these patterns offers unlimited design potential, and enables any space on any budget to access the appeal of high-end natural stone. Meganite can be installed on several types of applications, both horizontal and vertical. It is often used as counter, table top, reception desk, backsplashes and many other places that would stimulate your creativity. It is a repairable material and easy to maintain. The joints from one sheet to another are invisible to the eye which can allow a most sumptuous design! It is also resistant to UV rays and it's the same color and the same material throughout. Stain resistant, hygienic, wide range of color choices, Maganite is the material to choose for a guaranteed satisfaction.
• Width : 30" (762 mm)
• Lenght : 135" (3429 mm)
• Thickness : 1/2'' (12 mm)
• Durable
• Low maintenance
• Renewable
• Compression resistant
• Impact resistant
• Eco-friendly: SCS Global certified
• Food grade: NSF certified
• Low emission material: Greenguard GOLD certified
• Seamless
• Thermoformable
• Chemical resistant
• Light weight
• Fire resistant
• Non porous