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Wood is one of the most fashionable and noble materials, which is as much a trend for kitchen shelves and wooden islands as it is for accessory displays and countertops in stores. That is why we offer our wood components in eight species that bring warmth and life to decors. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that these species of solid wood have irregularities that vary from one board to another, such as knots and colors, giving them a unique character. Manipulated in a controlled environment and in compliance with the high manufacturing standards in the field, this product range reaches a high level of quality. Each piece is cut to the required dimensions and is available in 8 thicknesses. It is also possible to add a square or round cut in the piece. A special attention is dedicated to the finish, where all products receive three layers of mineral oil or water-based polyurethane varnish, including a sanding between layers. Every countertop with an oiled finish come with a 250ml bottle of oil for future maintenance. It is also possible to have the product without a finish. However, this option is not included in the limited warranty. Delivery time with finishing: 25 working days Delivery time without finishing : 15 working days (See documentations below for more information on warranty, wood maintenance, recommendations and installation instructions for a countertop and a wooden island.)