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FLOAT modular concept




Float is a fully modular aluminum system that makes it easy to create unique and multifunctional shelf structures and furniture inserts.

Designed for both home and commercial purpose, this multi-application product responds to the growing popularity of customizable storage systems in the industry.

This concept of structure stands out for its great versatility and lets everyone's imagination flow freely to create unique designs.

The system consists of different elements that can be summarized as follows :

The different elements can be assembled in different ways to create several types of structures :


Other than shelves, it is also possible to make floor applications such as for furniture, coffee tables or towel racks.



Regardless of the choice of shelf, various supports are available to meet all types of needs. Its connection system guarantees a robust fixation over time while being simple and fast to achieve.

The different types of profiles and supports allow to integrate directly and simply shelves for a minimalist design.

Learn more about modular aluminum structures. By arranging them, you will get united storage spaces and more than elegant decor.